Workshops and Facilitation

I offer workshops and trainings at corporate offices, schools, faith communities, LGBTQ centers, and at conferences on a fee-for-service basis. Please contact me using the Contact Form if you would like to see an info sheet or sample schedule for any of the below trainings.

A sample list of workshops and trainings I offer are as follows:

For office environments:

  • LGBTQ 101 Competency for the Workplace
  • Gender and Pronoun 101 Competency for the Workplace
  • Advanced Best Practices for LGBTQ Competency for the Workplace


For clinicians and LGBT center staff:

  • Spiritual Trauma and Mental Health Among LGBTQ (or Trans* and Gender Expansive) People
  • Spiritual Trauma and Mental Health Among LGBTQ (or Trans* and Gender Expansive) Youth and Their Families
  • Religious and Spiritual Competency for Mental Health Professionals
  • Religious and Spiritual Development Throughout the Lifespan
  • Identity Development and LGBTQ People (covers sexuality, gender, race, and faith identity development)

For faith leaders:

For LGBT youth:

  • Self-Defining Your Spirituality
  • Healing from Spiritual Wounds
  • Art as Queer Resistance and Spiritual Connection

I have presented at the following conferences:

  • Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference Professional Track, Philadelphia, PA (2018)
  • You Are Welcome Here Interfaith Conference, Denver, CO (2018)
  • Gender Spectrum Professional’s Symposium, Moraga, CA (2018)
  • GSA Network Youth Empowerment Summit (YES) Conference, San Francisco, CA (2016)
  • National LGBTQ Task Force Creating Change Conference, Denver, CO (2015)
  • Alameda County Mental Health and Spirituality Conference, Oakland, CA (2015)
  • Contra Costa Youth Collaborative Welcoming Schools and Communities Summit, Concord, CA (2015, 2016)
  • CLGS Multi-Faith Transgender Summit, Berkeley, CA (2014, 2015)
  • Gender Spectrum Family Conference, Moraga, CA (2013, 2014)


I have experience facilitating groups related to religion, spirituality, sexuality, gender, and mental health. I believe good facilitation is a skillful art that requires social awareness, empathy, the ability to set boundaries with kindness, and being a grounded presence.

I led a monthly topic-focused spirituality group for LGBT adults over a period of two years. Topics included:

  • Coming Out as a Person of Faith
  • Gender and Spirituality
  • The History of Christmas and Other Winter Celebrations
  • Meditation: Beyond Om
  • Divine Women
  • Love
  • Leaving an Ex-Gay Ministry
  • Grief and Loss

I co-facilitated a process group for LGBTQ people reflecting on negative faith experiences for six months. As part of this group, I helped hold space for people as they acknowledged their spiritual wounds, referred them to clinical care when applicable, and led them in a creative activity to help process their experiences. Activities included:

  • mindfulness meditation
  • creating altars
  • letter writing to ones’ younger self
  • creating a “Greatest Hits” album of songs that represent one’s spiritual journey

I have also facilitated groups for faith leaders as they learn about LGBTQ issues and discern how their communities can support LGBTQ people. More about that work can be found in General Consulting.