LGBTQ Spirituality Program Building

I also have extensive experience in helping LGBTQ community centers create and structure religious and spirituality programming, including monthly support groups, faith leader trainings, healing rituals, and faith-based fundraisers. I have worked with organizations in Chicago, Iowa, and the Bay Area, including the Oakland LGBTQ Center, Rainbow Community Center, and Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC.)

I prioritize grounding idealistic visions in staff, client, and other stakeholders’ lived realities, and leverage my many relationships with LGBTQ service providers, faith leaders, and researchers to resource new programs. I am adept at seeing big picture possibilities and commit to the “long haul” development of your program. I can help your organization to:

  • Craft mission/vision statements
  • Form a strategic plan and strategic vision
  • Create, distribute, and analyze needs assessments
  • Implement new programs
  • Perform outreach
  • Manage stakeholder relationships (funders, partners, etc.)
  • Network with surrounding community for resources
  • Facilitate trainings for your staff or community faith leaders
  • Facilitate discussions, groups, or events for clients
  • Write curriculum
  • Write grants

An example of my strategic and programmatic work can be found at:

LYRIC’s Allies in Faith

Allies in Faith is a faith leader network that supports the work of Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC), an LGBT youth center located in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco. From Spring 2013 to Fall 2016, I helped LYRIC staff to develop a strategic vision, organizational structure, and events that harnessed the energy and resources of local LGBT-affirming faith communities. Our primary goals in Allies in Faith were to: 1) educate local spiritual leaders on LGBT youth issues 2) partner with faith communities and their networks to support fundraising initiatives, and 3) create and manage spiritually-informed programs that directly impacted youth.

Here is a short selection of duties I performed while consulting on Allies in Faith:

  • Organized an all-day Summit for 40 faith leaders designed to help their communities to discern how they could best support the work of LYRIC. I wrote a full day of informative and interactive curriculum, created workbooks for participants, and assembled a series of specialized facilitators for break out groups (i.e. a people of color caucus.) This event served as a foundation for deeper engagement between the Allies in Faith network and LYRIC.
  • Created a structure of engagement for faith leaders to be involved, called the “Rainbow of Participation,” which included three working groups to address various needs (Advocacy, Resource Sharing/Capacity Building, and Stewardship), and developed a one-year strategic plan for their involvement.
  • Convened quarterly meetings and monthly events for faith leaders, and supported leaders with a collection of online resources.
  • Facilitated a full day workshop for LYRIC staff on building spiritual and religious competency, focused on the intersections between religion and mental health for LGBT youth. This workshop included a spiritual self-assessment, exposure to social science research, and group art activities to creatively imagine ways to help youth process their religious and spiritual experiences.