Corporate Trainings

As gender expectations are shifting in the traditionally male-dominated tech industry, there is a growing emphasis on diversity and inclusion in company leadership and culture. With a global talent market and increasing opportunities for individuals to come out in the workplace, it’s important now more than ever to ensure employees understand the impact of their language and assumptions related to gender and sexuality, both to help people communicate effectively across cultures and to be in line with current California workplace regulations.

With more than 13 years’ experience doing LGBTQ competency work in a variety of settings, I am adept at adjusting content for your audience’s needs and approaching nuanced questions with compassion and professional expertise. Recent clients include Boston Consulting Group, Coinbase, and Napa State Hospital.

I offer the following trainings for corporations looking to expand their LGBTQ cultural competency:

  • LGBTQ and Pronoun Competency for the Workplace (101 level, 3 hrs)
    • This training covers material related to both gender and sexuality, introducing terms, examining three dimensions of sexuality and gender (respectively), and inviting participants to self-reflect on their gender and sexuality journeys to build empathy and basic competency. Through group discussion, multimedia, self-reflection, and roleplay, participants will learn about the business benefits of investing in diversity and inclusion work, become more comfortable navigating gender pronouns, and learn to reduce LGBTQ-related microaggressions in the workplace.
  • Gender and Pronoun Competency for the Workplace (101 level, 2 hrs)
    • This training focuses on gender-related material, introducing terminology, inviting self-reflection on one’s own experiences with gender expectations, and roleplaying scenarios involving gender pronouns. Participants will practice using gender-neutral pronouns, asking others what their pronouns are and sharing their own pronouns, as well as roleplay how to handle misgendering someone and correcting a colleague when they misgender someone.
  • Advanced Best Practices for Supporting LGBTQ Individuals in the Workplace (201 level, 90 min)
    • This session is intended for companies who want support in generating specific actionable items–such as policies or a strategic vision–to create a supportive environment for LGBTQ employees, clients, and other stakeholders. Through self-assessment, small group work, and facilitated conversation, participants will delve into the unique dynamics of your corporate culture, using your mission, vision, and values statements among other benchmarks to generate best practices and a strategic plan tailored to your goals.


The Gender and Pronoun 101 training was FABULOUS. The group discussions and roleplaying scenarios were very helpful. Kelsey is so knowledgeable and professional!

–Associate, Boston Consulting Group

I loved hearing Kelsey’s story and experience. It gave so much weight to the importance of getting this right in the workplace.

-Employee, Coinbase


Please contact me if you would like an info sheet with workshop objectives and/or a sample agenda.